How do we access storage floors that are not located on the first floor or in an outdoor unit?

We have 3 outside loading docks. One loading dock is on the upper level which is accessed via Grove Street. You unload your things on this dock and you’ll be on the 2nd floor. There are wheeled dollies to make your move in easier.
Located next to the front office is a Freight elevator (for your boxes, furniture, etc. only) which helps haul your treasures to the floor your unit is located on. You can then reach that floor via the stairs conveniently located next to the freight elevator.

Who will have access to my unit?

When you complete the form to rent a specific unit, you’ll have the opportunity to indicate exactly who is allowed access to your stored items. You will, however, have to provide them with the key or pass code as we cannot allow them in without it. The owners of 56 Self Storage do not have access unless there is an emergency situation and we can’t reach you.  Refer to back of Rental Agreement, # 20:  Owners Right of Entry for details.

What happens if I’m late on my monthly payment?

No worries there! You’ll receive a Payment Policy sheet when you rent a unit, but here’s the short & skinny of it: Rent is due by the 1st of each month. On the 6th of the month ( 9 am) a late fee will be posted. Ex: $ 40.mos unit – the late fee would be $ 5.00. The size of the unit determines the late fee added. An “Over Lock” will be put on your unit until your account is paid in full. If not, then it’s best to read up on the Payment Policy you were provided.